The CCUSA UK Staff

We've got great team spirit here at CCUSA with everyone having their own area of expertise and bringing different strengths to the different programs we have on offer. 

With over 70 years of combined experience, our eight full-time staff will provide you with the best customer care experience when you apply for a CCUSA adventure

When applying you’ll get to know all of us at some point, either over the phone, if you pop into the office, on social media, at an event or at the embassy for your visa, but in the meantime find out a little more below about the amazing CCUSA team.

Meet our team

Duncan Jane

DID YOU KNOW . . .Dunc studied in the same A’Level Geography class with not 1 BUT 2 Summer Olympic sailing multiple Gold Medallists (one is now a Sir) & played on the same rugby team as one of England’s all-time greats (now an OBE)!

Dunc has worked at 3 different camps around the world totalling 13 summers & 1 winter – Camp Wah-Nee, CT, (8 yrs), Seoul International winter camp, South Korea (1 yr) & Camp California, Croatia (5 yrs), and has worked for CCUSA for 14 years. His passion includes his family, ALL sports and individual fitness challenges (Marathons, Urban races, Triathlons and British Military Fitness).

Mel Cameron

DID YOU KNOW . . .Mel is Welsh and very proud! She loves rugby, photography and all things creative. Mel’s fun fact is that she met Prince Charles at his very own house and told him all about summer camp….he was impressed of course!

Mel has worked at Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge in PA for 15 years. She’s in charge of all things media and loves to meet new people and see all of the campers growing up. She loves to travel and hopes to continue and see many more places….her dream location is New Zealand!

Pippa Cresswell

DID YOU KNOW . . .…… Pippa was born and grew up in Hong Kong and Malaysia who has been in 2 Jackie Chan adverts, and is obsessed with anything pickled .... you will nearly always find a jar or pickles on her desk (or hiding in her draws).

Pippa worked at Camp Waziyatah in Maine for 3 years as a Division Director (Camp reality show was filmed there in the 90's called Bug Juice on Disney Chanel). She loves travelling, and has currently ticked off 23 countries. She also loves her food but absolutely HATES coriander.

Caity Kisslingberry

DID YOU KNOW . . .Caity has had a children’s book published & plays the Ukulele!

Caity worked at Camp Jened, NY for 2 summers, and has worked for CCUSA for 22 years. Her passion is being a mummy to her 2 lovely children, as well as writing, singing, cooking, painting, making clothes and swimming – who needs time to sleep!

Dave King

DID YOU KNOW . . . Dave loves dinosaurs and has the skulls of a Triceratops and Diplodocus tattooed on his calves. Ask nicely and he might show you!

Dave has worked at camp for 4 summers. He spent 1 year at Camp Birch Hill and 3 years at Camp Towanda (where Wet Hot American Summer was filmed!) He has worked for CCUSA since 2007 and joined the Head Office team in 2010. When he’s not chatting about camp, he loves going to gigs and has seen Frank Turner over 20 times!

Sophie Sharp

DID YOU KNOW . . .Sophie is the only person in the new Leeds office that is from West Yorkshire and is teaching everyone the lingo. She LOVES anything creative and arty and studied graphic design for five years!

Sophie has worked at Camp Chipinaw as a computer specialist. She enjoys anything design related, travelling and meeting new people!

Vittorio Berti (aka Vic)

DID YOU KNOW . . .Vic has served members of a certain mafia group (from America) scotch whiskey in a previous job (we can’t mention which mafia for his own protection)!

Vic has never worked at a summer camp but has attended as a child/camper for 6 years in Italy, and has worked for CCUSA for almost 10 years on our WEUSA/PTUSA programs. His passion is Reading History, Cooking, DIY and can always be found in the gym.

Jamie Forbes

DID YOU KNOW . . .Jamie’s worst kept secret is that he is a fan of one of the world biggest pop stars. We won’t tell you which one to save him even more embarrassment but he’s a ‘Belieber’ alright. He is even trying to learn the guitar.

Jamie has worked at 2 different camps around the world. Mountain Camp, California (2 summers) and Camp Blue, Sydney Australia (3 years). Jamie’s hobbies include Rugby, Golf, Wakeboarding and of course the guitar… He has also represented Scotland in his University days for Rugby and has one of those funny caps.

James Fisher

DID YOU KNOW . . . James' Idol is Jack Black & can recite the entirety of "School Of Rock" word for word as well as every Tenacious D song.

James has spent four summers at Camp Laurel South, ME. His first few summers were spent as a waterski & wakeboard counselor, and most recently he spent a summer as the Evening Programmes coordinator. His passions and interests span over a wide range from Musical Theatre, writing his blog, Rock climbing and creating a never ending cascade of terrible puns.