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CCUSA american & canadian Summer Camp Job Fairs

Dates have not yet been released for our 2020/21 Summer Camp Job Fairs - in previous years they have been held in the following locations..

LEEDS - Saturday 18th January, 2020, 

EDINBURGH - Sunday 19th January, 2020, 

LONDON - Saturday 25th January, 2020, 

DUBLIN - Sunday 26th January 2020, 


Please note - CCUSA Summer Camp Job Fairs are open to anyone from the UK or Ireland who is registered OR interested in applying for the Camp Counselors USA and Camp Counselors Canada programs. You do not need to book or sign up in advance to attend these fairs, although we strongly advise you complete our online application and bring it with you! Please plan to arrive at least 30 mins early.


At the Fair you can:

  • Chat/interview with Camp Directors from summer camps in America and Canada.

  • Meet CCUSA staff who have all worked at summer camp and ask any questions you have,

  • Walk away with a job at your dream summer camp!

Before attending, please complete your online application and pay the £40 Application Fee. You can apply and pay on the day, but it may delay your entry into the fair by up to 30 mins.

Note: You do not need to upload your references or video before paying the Application Fee!


On the day of the Fair, please bring:

  • A printed copy of your CCUSA application. This can be downloaded from the ‘Completed Items’ section of Footprints.

  • Plenty of energy, enthusiasm and smiles!

This is the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to secure your dream summer camp job on the day!


1 King's Cross Road
1 King's Cross Road

Job Fair Handbook

With over 40 amazing camps hiring at the CCUSA fairs, make sure you click HERE to check out which camps best suit you. 

Each camp profile will let you know everything you need to know about the camp and who they are looking to hire. We do advise you do your research prior the fair, so you know which camps to speak to first so you get your first choice!